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html5: Video file not found

All of our videos are tested for compatibility with Windows, Apple and Android computers and hand held devices. They are also tested with all of the popular web browsers. Unfortunately there are so many different computers and handheld devices in use that it is impossible to test every possible configuration of browser, device and operating system. In addition, many use third party software to help protect them from viruses, malware and other unwanted intrusions. These protection software can sometimes contribute to compatibility issues.

The list of possible reasons why your computer or handheld device will not play the videos is endless. All we can do is make sure our videos are being delivered in accordance with international standards. This ensures most people will be able to view the videos without experiencing any problems. For those who are encountering problems we offer the following information in hopes you can find a solution.

If you occasionally have a problem with one of our videos it is most likely something we need to fix. We will need to know exactly what video(s) you are having a problem with. If you cannot play any of our videos it is definitely a problem you need to fix.

Problems often occur when upgrading to a new operating system, or new version of a web browser. Some people will experience problems, while most do not.

Adding a plugin or extension to your browser can also create issues, so you might want to try disabling them to see if that is the source of the problem.

Things you can try:

When all else fails, do a Google search for known issues with playing videos that are specific to the devise, OS and browser you are using.

Example: known issues playing html5 videos on iPad Pro iOS10 Firefox

This link may be helpful for those using Firefox for Windows

We found this statement on a web site dated Thursday, September 29, 2016

There is a widespread problem affecting HTML5 video and audio players on iOS 10 devices. The problem is on Appleā€™s end, not ours, and they have said that a fix is in the works for the coming days/ weeks.

UPDATE (10-16-2016): A member (bigzla) kindly reported he was able to get around this iOS10 problem by using the Puffin browser, which is available for free in the app store. We have tested this with the iPhone 6+ and iPad Pro and it works for viewing both videos and video feeds.

 Last updated Mon, Apr 6 2015 5:49am

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