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You're Declined

There are many reasons why customers get declined and quite frankly it is not something we have any control over.

The decision to accept or reject a credit card is managed by third party processing companies who operate with their own set of tried and trusted standards. Each processor has a slightly different set of standards, so while you may get declined by one, another could accept your card. For this reason, we have a system in place that passes your purchase request from one processor to another in an attempt to get you accepted. If you get declined it means that your purchase request has been reviewed by more than one processor and all have chosen not to accept your card.

Obviously using a different card is an option, if you have one, but there is one more possibility worth trying. For administrative or technical reasons a particular web site may be experiencing a temporary problem connecting with one or more of the processors. In these situations it really has nothing to do with your card being accepted. The site simply isn't able to process the request and its sending back a decline.

A member of any site in the CJ XXX Network has full and unrestricted access to all of the sites in the Network, so it really doesn't matter what site you join at. With that in mind, you might want to try signing up at another one of our sites, before giving up. We recommend going to our umbrella site -

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