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Playing or downloading videos is slow, but other web sites are not

We sometimes get complaints that our web sites are slow, or that playing and/or downloading videos is slow. Often the individual reporting this says that other sites on the Internet are performing normal, so the assumption is there's a problem with our servers.

We monitor the performance of our servers and quickly take action to fix any problem that occurs. If you are experiencing a performance problem, with one of our sites, but other sites on the internet are working normal, it is most likely an Internet routing issue.

Every site you access on the internet takes a different route between you and that server. If there is a problem at any point along that route the performance will be slow. It is much like highways that occasionally experience traffic jams. You cannot control what rout is taken. This is determined by the Internet service providers. When a routing problem occurs there is nothing we, or you, can do about this. You just have to wait until the problem clears up.

Google - internet routing issues

 Last updated Mon, Apr 6 2015 5:49am

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