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Security and Privacy

In short, we use or employ state of the art security measures to protect our members and and their privacy.

The login page and the billing company page, where you enter credit card information, are secure. In addition, we never see your credit card details. Only the third party billing company has that information, and the page you enter it on is owned, managed and controlled by the third party billing company. We have the ability to cancel a membership and will do so at the member's request. Anything else, related to billing, can only be accomplished by contacting the third party billing company. Their contact information is provided as part of the receipt sent to members after their transaction is completed.

We have special software running to protect from hackers accessing the member area or gaining access to a member's login details. Your personal information, such as name, Email address, login details and IP address are stored in a secure database, which is managed by a third party company that specializes in securing and managing member information. If, for any reason, your login details are compromised we have the ability to change them, either by request, or if we deem it necessary.

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